Orla Studios: Modern Stair Inspiration

Our goto on our modern house projects is a floating stair in wood with a custom designed, custom fabricated steel handrail!  We have some wonderful metalworkers, true craftsmen, we work with on the custom designs. We love how light they are and how they have less impact on the space. They allow more openness, sunlight and give you that wonderful airy feeling in the center of your home!!

We have a client right now who wants a more traditional spin on the floating stair so we thought we would share some of our favorite gorgeous stair inspiration with you as we draw some ideas for her……Enjoy!




StairsThe Peaks View Residence was designed by Carney Logan Burke Architects with two main objectives: to blend in with the existing conservative community, while fulfilling the homeowners' wish for a...carney logan burke

Architecture Beast: Beautiful Houses: Nettleton 198 by SAOTA | #archibeast…


Wo House / SO ArchitectureSO




 Constantino. Photo by Dominica Roda

 Plaini and Karahalios

Villa AMT by Gerstner | Home Adore - cantilever timber sleepers with concealed frameless glass fixing - very seamlessGerstner


Die Wendeltreppen, eine praktische und schöne Möglichkeit, in jedem Interieur zu verwenden!  #interieur #jedem #moglichkeit #praktische #schone #verwenden #wendeltreppen


Beautiful floating stairs by #EeStairsSurvivalboy.com

“Custom Floating stairs decorated in a unique fashion. Staircases have become central features in the interior environments and can be aesthetically…”Art of interiors

Wat ooit een smalle donkere rijwoning was, is nu een licht en luchtige woning met doorkijkpatroon. Met enkele intelligente toetsen kan je ‘benepen’ rijwoning er plots helemaal anders uitzien. Je kent ze wel, die typisch smalle stadswoningen. In Gent staat het er vol van. CAS architecten zagen niets dan mogelijkheden in deze woning met zijndonstag.be
clean railing

Floating Stairs By Kuadra Studiocontemporist
DI-VA house by TectoniquesTechtonics
JA House / Filipi Pina + Maria Ines Costacosta and pina
SDM КВАРТИРА, Мумбаи, Arquitectura ан семинар Movimiento



🇬🇧 #Staircase Design by K2LD. /// 🇪🇸 Diseño #Escaleras por K2LD. #d_signersk2ld

Secret Garden House: A Unique Contemporary Home With A Tropical Feel In Singaporesecret garden house

Runde Wendeltreppe | MetallArt Metallbau Schmid GmbH Moremettallart

24 Intriguing Images That Will Surely Pique Your Interest - Wtf Galleryebaumsworld.com

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