Orla Studios Guide to the Top 10 Exterior White Paints

We are finishing up two houses in Marin County, California: one Modern Classical on the Belvedere lagoon with a fantastic amount of blue/green water surrounding it and one Rustic Farmhouse in Larkspur on a gorgeous Marin greenery filled site. Both our clients are now on a quest!!! The Mission: find the perfect white to paint their exteriors:

How we help:

It really does matter where your house is located, the quality of light, how much shade on site. Critical also is the landscape surrounding you and your latitude as the light varies so be prepared to do lots of samples outside and look at them at all times of the day. Too bright a white can be glaring at some latitudes so paint a large test area on your home exterior and look at it in full sun. You neighbors should be able to admire it without sunglasses😁.

We decided to put together our top go to exterior Whites list!

No. 1. BM Simply White

Office favorite (was Benjamin Moore’s color of the year in 2016): very happy white with a hint of yellow. Better in Northern hemispheres like Europe.

white on white — MFAMB :: My Favorite And My Best. metal roof.

No 2. C2 Pearl

Image result for cloud white

On the cooler side, while still being a soft white.

No. 3. Farrow and Ball All White

Ok…. The British Farrow and Ball crew say this is “A totally pure white: All White is exactly what it says! Unusually, it contains no other pigment except for white”

No 4. Whisper Dunn Edwards

best white paints

Warm neutral with vanilla undertones: gorgeous….

No. 5. C2 Coconut

For cool white lovers:

Image result for white dove bm

No 6. C2 Vellum

Warm off white beige, very elegant on houses with classical proportions. Also word on the street: C2 exterior is a very durable paint but more expensive than BM

Image result for modern white  beach house

No 7. Benjamin Moore Linen White

Warning: you have got to really, really love cream to love this white but what can we say: it is Benjamin Moore’s top selling white of all time and looks wonderful on more classically styled houses

Image result for benjamin moore linen white

No 8. Dunn Edwards Milk Glass

Image result for milk glass dunn edwards

Warm milky white perfect near the water……

Image result for modern white house south africa

No. 9 Farrow and Ball Wimbourne White

shade on the warmer side of pure white with a hint of taupe for urban lovers!

No.10 Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Not a true white, creamy grey undertones with hints of green and yellow-favorite with interior designers

Benjamin Moore - Swiss Coffee


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Orla Regan Huq

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